The 2024 Season Diary

Thursday 28 March House & Gardens open

Sunday 7 April Foraging Course

Thursday 18 April Foraging Course

Sunday 5 May Foraging Course

Sunday 12 May Plant & Food Fair

Sunday 26 May Airfield Walk

Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June Wigton Dog Trials

Thursday 6 June Estate Walk

Sunday 16 June Foraging Course

Thursday 2 June Foraging Course

Sunday 23 June Classic Cars in the Park

Saturday 6 July Skelton Show

Sunday 14 July Estate Walk

Sunday 14 July Foraging Course

Sunday 14 July The Three Inch Fools present The Secret Diary of Henry VIII

Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July Potfest

Sunday 4 August Red Cross Garden Open Day

Wednesday 14 August Foraging Course

Friday 23 to Sunday 25 August Wannasee

Sunday 1 September Eden Animal Rescue Dog Show

Sunday 8 September Airfield Walk

Sunday 29 September Apple Day