Hutton-in-the-Forest is an historic house and garden close to the Lake District in Cumbria

The House will open from Sunday 3rd April

The Gardens will open from Sunday 27th March

Hutton-in-the-Forest is a spectacular place to visit, located on the northern edge of the Lake District in Cumbria. When my family bought the house in 1605 it was already at least 250 years old. The unusual and beautiful architecture, gardens and woodland that you can see today are the result of my forebears making their mark over centuries of living here.

Throughout the summer we host all sorts of outdoor events. In 2022, the season kicks off with the  Plant and Food Fair on Sunday May 15th, followed by Classic Cars in the Park, Potfest in the Park, and The Wannasee Music Festival. On October 2nd we host our first Apple Day, where specialists and enthusiasts will come together to do all things ‘apple’We hope to see you there!

We love living here and are sure you will enjoy visiting. Welcome to Hutton-in-the-Forest.

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