Welcome to Hutton-in-the-Forest.

This historic Cumbrian house located on the edge of the Lake District was at least 250 years old when it was bought by my family in 1605. We love living here and are sure you will enjoy visiting. As well as a rich variety of architecture, furnishings and a beautiful garden, there are varied outdoor events during the summer, including the Plant and Food Fair, historic vehicles, The Wanasee Music Festival and Potfest in the Park.

Lord Inglewood

 What to Spot? JULY 

Even though we aren’t, the plants are enjoying the rain we’re having. Early in July, Head Gardener Ben recommends looking out for the blue delphiniums and delicate cerinthe in the Cross Border, as well as the later blooming roses. Dahlias and heleniums (which the bees love) will be coming up later in the month in the Hot Border.

Socially distanced weeding in the rose border!